Our Methodology

At Winters + Associates, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver clean, usable, functional websites.

When starting a design project, we ask two questions before thinking about colours or fonts: first, who is the audience? Second, what should the design communicate? With a robust investigatory and discovery process, we examine your organization’s existing practice, your competitors, and your audience in detail.

Based on our findings, we develop a strategy and information architecture (IA) for your site. We work in concert with your staff to ensure the entire web team understands how the site will work.

After you approve the blueprints for your site, we’re ready to design. Depending on the scale of your contract, we typically present up to three concepts based on our findings in the discovery phase. These concepts are then refined into the final look-and-feel we’ll apply to your site.

After initiating the implementation phase, we work with your staff to develop and integrate your content into the site. We’re strong believers in the value of iterative design and in the idea that content is king. By identifying gaps in your site’s IA early, we can design layout and functionality around your available content, assuring you your site offers the best possible presentation.

Finally, we bring it all together: your content, your site’s functionality, and its appearance are finalized and examined to ensure everything’s working as it should be. After a testing period, you’re ready to go live.

And that’s how we make a website.